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We believe businesses can manage risk more effectively with a solid understanding of markets and the tools which exist.

”I am finding the grain market academy a very useful resource, I am able to learn at my own pace and when I have time” Ranald Pattullo, Mains of Kelly, Scotland

Listen to the BBC Radio 4 Farming today report on the CRM Agri Grain Market Academy:


The training will give delegates the knowledge and skills to improve their risk management, understanding of what drives price and detailed understanding of risk management tools including futures and options, whilst developing a plan that can be executed.

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This course will arm you with the skills to manage risk and build a commodity strategy for your business, including strategic planning, developing a disciplined approach to marketing, understanding what matters in the markets so that you maximise your time reading relevant market information, also how options and futures can be used in your strategies and what the implications are.

Grain Academy – Options Training Webinar

An introductory session covering call and put options, marketing strategies and worked scenarios and case studies.

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