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Independence and transparency are at the core of everything CRM AgriCommodities undertakes.  We want to educate and better inform our agribusinesses about how markets work and what drives prices, allowing them to understand all the tools available to help them manage volatility, this allows them to make better informed decisions whilst consistently achieve results which, historically, have beaten the market average considerably (see below).


On average, UK yield variation is a maximum of 20% in a season and farmers will invest heavily into managing this. Price volatility is often over 150% in a season and we help farmers manage these risks and opportunities through clear and transparent insight advice and recommendations.


CRM Agri do not buy or sell physical commodities or other derivative’s, therefore the advice we give is totally impartial and in the interests of our clients businesses.

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    We strive to create a more independent and transparent grain industry, giving our members access to the independent insights, opinions and tools in order to help them manage and develop successful businesses, whilst taking fewer risks.

    US Rainfall Pressure

    Global markets have continued to fall today as forecast rainfall for the US continues to exert pressure on new-crop futures.

    Rainfall for the US cools markets

    Across grain and oilseed markets the week has started in the red following heavy rainfall and thunderstorms in the US. Looking ahead and 14-day forecasts have also shifted toward greater volumes of very much needed rainfall in the US key corn, soybean and spring wheat states.

    Weekly Outlook

    Current market overview and short term outlook for major grains and oilseeds:

    - Wheat
    - Corn
    - Oilseeds
    - Weather Alerts

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    2021/22 In-Depth Pre-Harvest Global Wheat Assessment

    Global wheat markets for next season are caught between two opposing factors, falling confidence and outlook for US and Canadian spring wheat while European, Ukrainian and Russian production outlooks which continue to grow.

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    June WASDE Update

    A lot of the changes for the USDA WASDE were anticipated and reflected increasing confidence in European and Black Sea production.

    Market Cools Ahead of June WASDE

    Ahead of the June USDA WASDE, and with patchy rains in North Dakota, markets have been slightly risk-off today, with wheat, corn, soybean, and oilseed rape markets having been under pressure during the day.